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Visionary, innovative and high impact leader, Dr. Bujari is a graduate of Cambridge University– Institute of Sustainability Leadership in UK. He is Defender turbulent personality, whose leadership purpose is to shine light in lives of others and help them realize their purpose in order to optimize their potential to make their life meaningful. He has excellent analytical abilities, well developed people skills and emotional intelligence. Dr. Bujari is altruistic and is enthusiastic in engaging both work and people, while meticulous to the point of perfectionism and reliable to get the job done on time.  Dr. Bujari takes his responsibility personally and consistently going beyond and above to exceed expectations.

Dr. Bujari’s leadership style is that referred to as Servant leadership where his keen interest is to serve the needs of his team and help them to grow personally and professionally. This is exemplified by these testimonies. Dr. Bujari leadership journey began at Tallo secondary school where he established and nurtured English Debate Club through which he helped several students to master English language. This was so at Rulenge Secondary School. At Mzumbe Secondary School he lead wildlife conservation club and university he became the president of Medical Students in Tanzania. He revived medical book project and quickly established and maintained international collaboration. Dr. Bujari successfully established networks nationally and is currently a member of leadership group of Action Global Health Partnership.

Dr. Bujari’s five topmost values are:

• Respectful

is the art of placing value in people and empowering them to explore and exercise the potential they bring

• Authenticity

refers to being you. Is the degree to which a person's actions are congruent with their and desires, despite external pressures to conformity

• Tenacity

refers to personal qualities to be determined, persistent to achieve goals regardless of turbulency that may exist

• Integrity

is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values

Dr. Bujari is minister, at Ushindi Medical Doctor, public health specialist and graduate of Cambridge University-Institute for Sustainable Leadership. Holding Master of Business Administration of Blekinge Institute, Dr. Bujari brings over 15 years of leadership and Management, managing projects and programs in International and national organization. A teacher, mentor and coach; Dr. Bujari is described as learning persona who is driven by ideas that no matter how successful you or your company may be,  should not be complacent, but rathe should be willing to question your own or company’s views and perception.

Dr. Bujari is a co-founder and first executive director of Health Promotion Tanzania ( He brings project management, leading teams, staff motivation, organizational management and High Impact leadership attributes and skills. Dr. Bujari has supported individuals and organizations to find purpose and sense of meaning in their live.

Dr. Bujari is a chair of Action Africa ( 2023-2025), chair of Tanzania Stop TB Partnership since 2022 ( and chair of Independent Advisory Board to Global Civil Society Coordinating Group for GFF 2024-2025 (


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