Our phylosophy

Every failure is a step to success ….. dont be descouraged by failure come on and lets start together, Ignite your Leadership potential with Bujari High Impact Leadership Institute.

The Context

Towards 4th industrial revolution, there is rapid and continuous change that individuals, families, society, institutions, and governments are looking for leaders who can create a better future. As things stand communities are losing hope in their leaders where some trusted political, sectoral leaders became mediocre making wrong investment decisions that has caused loss of lives and livelihood, solving symptoms instead of root causes. Leaders not able to make decisive decisions on time, leading to underspending in major project whose impact last for years. So we are who we are because of what we did yesterday. To change tomorrow, we must change today. It is not the end, we can still do better tomorrow if we invest in High Impact Leadership purpose and values and so at Bujari High Impact Leadership we say Every failure is a step to success! . READ MORE

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