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Peter Bujari

Thank you @Hellen, @Anifa, @Irene, @Levina, @Hilda for your discussion points. Yu have gained overall concept between the two. Just to add, you can do routine management but not necessarily strategic management. So the question is what does the word “strategic” entails in other words what magic does it bring? Scalars refer to strategic to mean identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them. So if you are strategically managing, you should be able to clearly identify the results ( Outputs, Outcomes and impact) then identify strategies, inputs and activities to accomplish them. Constantly check if you are implementing what you planned at right time, making adjustments where necessary and the quality of your results etc.

With this definition and additional notes, would you rate your self ( in a scale of 1-10) the extent at which you are strategically managing your current project?