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Anifa Mgao

I will tell my colleague that actually been learning a lot of things in the RBM course. One of the key things I’ve learned is about “results” and their different levels. Results are the tangible changes or outcomes that occur due to our efforts and can be measurable and described. These changes are divided into levels – outputs, outcomes, and impact.
Outputs: You talk about products and services. In my current role as a field facilitator on the USAID AFYA YANGU NORTHERN PROJECT, an example of an output could be the “MASHAURI” transitional booklet we’ve developed to empower youth living with HIV with practical skills and insights.
Outcomes: These are the medium-term changes that happen due to our outputs or short term & medium-term effects of an intervention’s output. An example from my work could be that, among the 25 HIV-positive youth I reached out to, 4 adolescents transitioned from youth clubs to adult groups with the help of the “MASHAURI” booklet.
Impact: This is the long-term consequence produced by a development intervention directly or indirectly. For instance, through our efforts, we’re striving for improved health-seeking behavior and enhanced quality of life within the community.