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Lwitiko Ndagile

I will tell him/her that Result based management course is a good course by tell him/her the knowledge i acquired as follows.
A. Result is a change which is measurable and describable resulting from the cause and effect relationship

B. Levels of Results
i. Output – The products and services which result from the completion of activities within a development intervention.
ii. Outcome – is the likely or achieved short term and medium term effects of an intervention’s outputs.
iii. Impact – is the long term effects produced by the development intervention, directly or indirectly, intended or unintended.

C. In the context of my work as an accountant, auditor and Tax consultant the following the levels of results i will tell her am expecting,
i. Output will be the number of clients i trained on proper documentations, improving internal controls and compliance on statutory law.
ii. Outcome will be the number of clients who change (improve) their operations as a result of the training i conducted.
iii. Impact will be the ability of the client’s business (i.e individual, company or institution) to be in a good health and making profit.