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Jonas Bujari

I would tell my friend that he/she is missing a lot because, I have learnt a lot from the course so far.
1.I have learnt that results is about the end product never about the process, that’s not important.
2. Results should be both qualitative and quantitative in order to bring a good flow of ideas.
3.Sensible and strategic results are created after the result has been well defined and understood
4. By understanding my activities I can define the short term and long term results as well as the outcome s and then impact.
An example; Our problem is the discrepancy of sales in our restaurant
Our expected results; An increase of sales therefore an increase of profit per week to about 1M
After thorough analysis, we determined several causes; 1. decrease quality of the foods cooked in comparison to the beginning of the restaurant 2. poor customer care that pushes the customers away 3. Limited choice of foods available.
Our input will be; 1Conducting capacity building sessions monthly to the staff to ensure perfect customer care 2.Expanding the menu available menu to attract more customers
Our output will be; getting staff that have better customer care capacity
Our outcome will be; Decreased dissatisfaction from the customers.
Our impact will be increased reputation of the restaurant by a wide scope hence at the end leading to increased customers