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Paul Mwami

I would tell my colleague, we have learnt many things but the greatest of all is the change of our perspectives when it comes to results, first a result is measurable and can be described, that is you can have a qualitative and/ or quantitative result. Second we should have a specific result and then create activities that will help us attain that goal, by defining the expected results it is easy to push up till we reach it. Third, through the activities (inputs) we will define the three levels of our results as output then outcome and impact. The output is the immediate product from the activities(input). The outcome will be the short term and medium term results and the impact will be the long term effects.
An example, our problem is receiving critical/severe traumatic patients from peripheral hospitals whose level of severity could be reduced before reaching the hospital.
our expected results: Reduced severity (qualitative) and number (quantitative) of traumatic patients from peripheral hospitals.
Analysis of the problem we determined two causes 1. doctors in the peripheral hospitals had little knowledge and skills on handling emergency/traumatic patients 2.most road users had little knowledge on road safety especially bodaboda riders who account to more than 80% of patients and they didn’t wear protective gears.
Our input will be forming two activities 1. workshops with the doctors from peripheral hospitals to give them skills and knowledge 2.seminars with the bodaboda riders on importance of road safety and use of protective gears.
Our output will be increased knowledge and skills on managing traumatic patients among doctors, and increased knowledge on road safety among bodaboda riders.
Our outcome will be reduced severity of the traumatic patients that arrive from the peripheral hospitals
Our impact will be reduced number of road accidents and improved survival and quality of life of traumatic patients in the peripheral hospitals.

This is only possible through learning RBM course.