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Anifa Mgao

Presently, I am in the position of a field facilitator, entrusted with the implementation of the USAID AFYA YANGU NORTHERN PROJECT, firmly anchored in the principles of the Human-Centered Design approach. This initiative’s primary objectives encompass two distinct accomplishments, indicative of quantifiable and observable transformations anticipated upon project culmination. These achievements collectively mirror the affirmative influence our endeavors are having on the community’s healthcare-seeking behavior and overall quality of life.
To realize these envisioned outcomes, I have achieved intermediary results stemming from a diverse array of activities executed during the project’s implementation phase. Through impactful narratives, we have fostered unity within five families by diminishing certain barriers. Moreover, a growing number of individuals have exhibited readiness to openly discuss their health conditions or share their health statuses with their families, facilitated by the “Njoo Tusemazane” storytelling game.
Furthermore, within the realm of HIV-positive youth, out of the 25 individuals I engaged with, I successfully guided four adolescents in transitioning from youth clubs to adult groups, leveraging the “MASHAURI” transitional booklet. This resource was designed to empower youth by furnishing them with a range of practical insights and skills, fostering self-sufficiency.
Looking ahead, I am planning to amplify my impact through targeted workshops and immersive sessions, aiming to establish collaborative partnerships and effective communication channels with healthcare organizations and community. This collaborative effort seeks to enhance community access to superior healthcare services. As I continue to fulfill my role as a field facilitator, my aspiration is to perpetuate the momentum of success, further cultivating positive outcomes within the community.