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Hellen Wegesa

In my current work as a field facilitator, a result can be defined as a specific output, outcome, or solution generated in response to a given input or task. It represents the successful completion of a job or the information provided in response to a user query.

Example of a result I have achieved: “Through the human-centered design project, the transition booklets have helped young youth voluntarily move from the adolescents of the CTC club to the adult group. The transition booklet is a prototype developed for AGYW and ABYM to guide them on how to transition from adolescent clubs to adult groups. It aims to build self-confidence and cope with the new environment as they join adult groups. USAID/Afya Yangu Northern Zone developed this transition booklet through a human-centered design Methodology implemented by https://matchboxology.com/. The solution rollout was addressed to the adolescents living with HIV (AGYW and ABYM) and it solves the lack of proper guidance and upskilling of adolescents in their communication and confidence as they move from adolescent clubs to adult groups.

Anticipated Future Result: The transition booklet will help adolescents living with HIV improve their confidence and communication skills as they move from adolescent CTC clubs to adult groups.