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Hallow @Aleck, @Khadija and @Glory. Good discussion goimg on. I didnt see you discussi g my question.

Any way regarding the subject matter from Khadija, I would offer the following advice.

1. Make personal assesment if you are in position to rescure the company interms of being trusted and have capabilities to offer advice. If they dont trust you, they will not trust your advice. If they trust you then they are likely to listen to your advice.

2. If they trust you then preparare a paper and talking poings, write them down citing evendence and data of past, present and future as you see it. Explain the causes as you see them and propose solutions as you see them.

3. There are two ways to move forward afer step two. You can present your paper your self to top manager who trusts in you or you can get some body (allie) ho you think is being listened to and ask him or her to send the message on your behalf.

4. Be ready for any outcome being positive or negative. If negative and you are convinced you have a point, revice your paper to improve and strengh your paper on areas they were not convinced (I call this persistence). One motivator lLESS BROWN. Says “ Failure means moving from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm”. If you are determined to win the battle, dont quit until you have done enough.

@Aleck, @Glory and @Khadija what do you think?